Flirt Week

Join Dr. Roz as she teaches us how to flirt with our spouse/partner this week!

All too often couples get in a mundane rut due to everyday stressors and forget to acknowledge that they have a spouse that chose them to be their life partner! Your spouse should feel their sexiest when they are with you, but it requires that they know that you “still” desire them for them to become that vulnerable. IF it’s easier to flirt with someone outside of your marriage, then we know that there is a communication breakdown somewhere, whether it’s verbal, emotional, physical, or spiritual, something is not connecting. Consequently, when we are not connecting, the relationship becomes susceptible to temptation. But do not worry! Dr. Roz is going to provide you with some tips to get your relationship back on track and you will be flirting in no time! So look out for Dr. Roz’s post on social media!