FEAR is the worst abuse that we could ever do to ourselves!

It has a way of telling you that you will never accomplish what you have set out to do. The negative thoughts that we have about ourselves can steal the life out of our goals! So stop talking and start living! You deserve it, it’s yours, you just have to trust yourself with your potential! We want you to reach your goals and we will work with you to ensure that you are on the right path. Let our strategies help you to unblock the roadblocks that are stealing your success from you! It’s time to bring your ideas to life, to work in your passion, and to challenge yourself to capture your greatness!

Relationship Coaching

Individual/ Couples/Family

Dr. Roz specializes in individual, couples, family, and corporate coaching and therapy. She uses nonconventional effective techniques to help you become successful in your relationships. The Individual, Couples, and Family sessions can be managed in person, via phone, or thru a secure connection online. Interventions can include a Dating or Relationship Assessment to help improve your efficacy in these areas or actually coaching you on a date that is in progress. All sessions are confidential and tailored to your specific needs.

Relationship Bootcamp

Dr. Roz offers a four-week relationship bootcamp that is an intense course that helps you to understand and modify your relationship deficits.

Perfect for newly engaged couples, married, and singles. Many of her students have developed and maintained successful relationships after participating in her bootcamp. The bootcamp offers a private Facebook with complete access to Dr. Roz, a weekly group session, a weekly individual session, and a pre and post assessment tailored to fit the specific need of the individual.

Corporate Services

Leadership Qualities/Managment Skills/Create Ideal Corporate Culture/Giving & Receiving Feedback/Team Building/Effectivity

Corporate needs are typically handled in person, as Dr. Roz will need to do a full assessment of the agency’s culture. Dr. Roz is equipped to conduct trainings for your staff , develop an organizational behavior management plan for your agency or serve as a keynote or motivational speaker to increase your agency’s functioning and efficacy.

Dr. Roz specializes in :

  • Executive Coaching
  • Developing Leadership Programs
  • Conflict Resolution Training
  • Career Coaching
  • Mid Career Consultations
  • Career Transitions

All sessions are confidential and tailored to your specific needs.