5 Free Cute Date Night Ideas


The weekend is approaching and your significant other is either bugging you for quality time or you recognize that your relationship is starving for emotional connection! Don’t stress, we have  5 FREE cute ways for you to connect with your love!!!

Massage Each Other

There’s nothing sexier than the intimate touch from your love! It’s been a rough week and intimate touch is the answer for stress release.  Intimate touch increases satisfaction in most relationships and it alleviates your spouse from feeling undesirable! Send the kids to their grandparents house, pull out the massage oils that you bought and have never used, add Maxwell to your playlist, and caress your spouse’s cares away.  You both deserve it and you probably need it! Light those candles and escape into serenity!

Good Old Fashioned Dance Battle

There is nothing cuter than being silly with the one you love! Everyday stressors force us to be responsible and take life seriously that we sometimes forget to let loose and have responsible fun! A dance battle is the quickest way to have instantaneous free fun that may have you doubled over in stitches with laughter! Turn on some music, STRETCH, and show off your best dance moves!

Karaoke Battle

Who doesn’t love Karaoke! It’s even better if you can’t carry a tune! Make it a theme night like Classic 80’s music and let loose. To make it even more exciting, dress up for whatever theme you desire and embody the music of that time! Record yourself so that you can capture the moment and have memories to look back at and laugh about!

Learn how to Make Something Together

YouTube is the best university! If you  can think of it,  chances are you probably can find an instructional video on youtube! Try something new and accomplish something together. Studies show that relationships thrive when the couple feels as if they are striving towards a goal. So give your relationship every opportunity to be successful by working together for a common goal!

Sip and Paint Each Other

You don’t have to be Picasso to enjoy the arts!  Grab your favorite beverage, pull out your children’s crayons, paint, and markers and tell your love to pose! See how creative you can be and if you are still able to color inside the lines after a few sips. Spice up the evening by requesting a pose in your spouse’s birthday suit! You might even begin to paint on each other!

Go Forth

Date night does not have to be expensive, elaborate, or stressful. Simplicity matters in a world of chaos, everyday mundane schedules, and that place that pays our bills, called work! It’s ok to be silly, spontaneous, and agreeable! These are moments that you can reflect on when there may be trouble in paradise that reminds you that you do love your spouse and that you decided to create a life with them for a reason! So go forth, connect emotionally, and enjoy Date night and each other!


Dr. Roz Aker-Black is an international Relationship Expert, author, and the Series Psychologist for TVONE’s. “For my Woman”.




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